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Indexa reaches € 500 million under management

This is good news for Indexa and good news for all their clients: they have just passed 500 million euros (€ M) of assets managed or advised for more than 25 thousand clients: € 397M in fund portfolios, € 91M in portfolios of pension plans and advised employment plans, € 7M in portfolios of EPSV and 5M plans € in the fund of funds Indexa RV Mixta Internacional 75.

In June 2019 they announced the figure of 200 million under management, in September 2019 they reached 250 million and now in August 2020 they managed to exceed 500 million euros, which represents a growth of more than + 100% per year, it took them only 11 months in doubling from € 250 to € 500 million.

This growth consolidates them as the leading independent automated manager in Spain and the first profitable automated manager in Europe , since the third quarter of 2019.

Alcanzamos los 500 millones de euros gestionados

Atrys Health closes a 35 million € capital increase among qualified investors

Atrys Health has announced the successful closing of a capital increase aimed at qualified investors for an amount of 35 million euros. The operation has proven the interest of top-tier investors in the company and its sector by registering an over-demand that has reached 105 million euros: that is, three times the amount that the company aspired to raise.

At the end of this expansion, Atrys’ Board of Directors has given priority to the most strategic investors with a greater commitment to accompanying the long-term growth of the company. Several leading current shareholders, such as Onchena, Inversiones Industriales Serpis or Inversiones Inmobiliarias Avilés, as well as the company’s management team have also participated in the round.

In the words of Santiago de Torres, President of Atrys, “this capital increase confirms both the attractiveness of Atrys among qualified investors and that of companies that, like us, operate at the intersection of the health and technology sectors in the post-COVID-19 world. We are very satisfied with the incorporation of new investors and the support of the investors who already accompanied us and have attended this extension.

Atrys published solid results in 2019, with a proforma turnover of 20.8 million and proforma EBITDA of 7 million, 88% and 109% more than the previous year, respectively.

The company recently announced the acquisition of ITMS: a leading telecardiology and teleradiology company with a presence in Chile, Colombia, Brazil and Peru, which in 2019 recorded sales of more than 23 million euros and which has made Atrys a world leader in telemedicine in Spanish language and one of the four largest companies in its sector globally.

2019 a great year for Booboo

Booboo, a digital platform specializd in optimizing the delivery of packages and pallets both nationally and internationally, has seen rewarded its hard work during 2019 by being selected to participate in three prestigious startup support programs:
Santander Startups The Call , whose objective is to help companies find new business opportunities, improve their processes, systems and products to meet the current demands of their customers and transform the vision of their businesses, amplifying its scope, growth and scalability
Lanzadera which, through its acceleration program, for a period of nine months offers personalized advice for entrepreneurs to grow and consolidate their companies
weGrow 2020 , an initiative promoted by ISES to support entrepreneurship through training and advisory sessions during one year. The business school offers the participants a network of 35 mentors, professionals of recognized prestige in their respective areas, who share with the selected companies their experience and knowledge to accelerate their growth

Second round of +1M$ in Smartvel to boost its international growth

Second round of +1M$ in Smartvel to boost its international growth

Smartvel, a Spanish startup provider of updated destination content solutions for the tourism sector, has closed its second round of investment worth more than 1 million dollars, which will allow the tech company to continue its fast growing path.

In addition to the support of Caixa Capital Risc and Alsa that invested in earlier phases and have increased their participation in this round, the deal has involved reputed investors in the business world such as Fides Capital, Faraday Venture Partners or Pinama Inverstartups. First level international investors such as Max Burger, as well as other independent investors have also participated.
“The most valuable thing in this round is the relevance of the investors. All of them with successful backgrounds in the consolidation of companies that have been able to change the dynamics of many industries. We are confident that thanks to them we can become a benchmark in content solutions in the tourism sector nationally and internationally” says Íñigo Valenzuela, CEO of Smartvel.

Smartvel’s technology, based on Big Data and Machine Learning techniques, is able to efficiently collect, classify, monitor, enrich, translate and geolocate all the events taking place at any destination in the world. With all this relevant content to the traveller, Smartvel has developed a series of easy to integrate solutions within the digital channels of its customers – leading players in the tourism sector such as Airlines, Tourism Offices, Hotel Chains or Travel Agencies – which allows them to display to the travellers all the content on what to do at their destinations, as a tool of inspiration and help in planning their stay. With this, they manage to add value to the customer experience throughout all the touchpoints of the customer journey, and contribute to an improvement in brand awareness and customer loyalty.
“At Smartvel, we want to help the main companies within the sector to improve their traveller’s experience, by providing value through content solutions that allow users to get inspiration and plan a trip in an intuitive way” Valenzuela assures.

Smartvel, which recently acquired the British content marketing company Pearlshare, already has important clients such as Singapore Airlines, Iberia, the City of Buenos Aires, Iberostar Hotels, Nautalia, Mahou, Grupo Globalia, among others, and is in full international growth. This new round will provide a boost on its resources that will enable the startup to continue investing in its internationalization during the coming years, as well as to continue improving the technology and product.

Nuubo receives US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance

Spanish medical device innovator Nuubo has received United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) 510(k) clearance to market in the US its Nuubo System, a disruptive wireless, textile-based ambulatory electrocardiogram (aECG) technology that enables mid and long-term monitoring for cardiac arrhythmia diagnosis.

The Nuubo System is designed to obtain the highest ECG signal quality while achieving best-in class patient comfort for monitoring up to 30 days. The non-invasive device consists of a seamless wearable fabric with multi-lead sensor technology that is flexible and stretchable. The Nuubo System is simple to use and has no adhesives or wires, improving patient comfort while increasing patient compliance and arrhythmia diagnostic yield.

The FDA clearance allows Nuubo to market and sell the Nuubo System to US hospitals and clinics for use in detecting and monitoring cardiac arrhythmias for ambulatory patients. The Nuubo System will be prescribed by a qualified healthcare professional when diagnostic and post-procedure monitoring is needed. The company anticipates US commercial availability of the Nuubo System later this year. “We are pleased to have received FDA 510(k) clearance to bring the Nuubo System to US healthcare providers and patients,” said Juan Alcántara, Nuubo CEO. “With more than 25,000 patients monitored by Nuubo in Europe, we are ready to launch in the US, the largest aECG market.”

Alcántara also noted that Nuubo system is the fifth Spanish FDA cleared product in the past five years. “This great accomplishment is the result of hard work from Nuubo’s talented team and their commitment to patient-centric ECG technology innovation. In addition to recognizing the Nuubo
team for this achievement, I also want to thank the Nuubo board members and investors for their continued support,” said Alcántara.