20 years of fables

We have lived many stories since making our first investment—fortunately we have many more positive than negative tales to tell.

We have built and shared incredible experiences with entrepreneurs of exceptional human quality— the brave knights of our digital kingdom who, believing in themselves and with great enthusiasm and motivation, have made their dreams come true.

But, we have also come across people that seemed like Grandma however upon closer inspection were really the Wolf, and others who wanted to sell us the Emperor’s magical costume.

We’ve kissed a few Frogs along the way. Some projects disintegrated thanks to unsustainable business models, just like the houses made of straw and wood in the Three Little Pigs. We’ve also experienced projects that were in the hands of leaders who pointed fingers and would not take responsibility when the going got tough, not unlike The Fox and the Grapes.

We believe in the hard work of the Ant as we heed the plight of the Grasshopper. The moral of our story is to continue building on our success by investing in businesses that we understand and are passionate about—businesses with solid plans led by people with vision.

Partnering with us goes well beyond funding as we share our experience and knowledge, making sure the milk stays in the proverbial pail to build a brighter future for everyone.

20 años coleccionando moralejas
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Our team includes external advisors